• Relocation of a national architecture firm’s local office from Manayunk’s Main Street to Center City’s Public Ledger Building

• Successful restoration of historic urban space, highlighting seamlessly refinished plaster and drywall columns and newly cleaned and painted metal baseboards

• Incorporation of contemporary design elements, including the blocking and support for a Sliding Felt Turf Wall by Flow design, the top coating and polishing of existing concrete decks to achieve a monolithic exposed concrete floor, and the innovative application of Dryfall paint to exposed concrete decks and ceiling beams

Happy Clients
When there's a problem on the table, they come with a solution, not just the problem.
Lou Lombardi, GM 1818 Market
D'Lauro & Rodgers' work, including but not limited to, demolition, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, lighting and wallcovering, was far superior to any other contractor I, personally, have dealt with over the past 20 years.
Shawnee Carchidi, Golomb & Honik
Your work on our behalf was superb. We were especially taken by the professionalism and creativity of your staff. At every turn—most anticipated, but some not—the performance of D’Lauro & Rodgers exceeded our expectations.
Theodore R. Aronson, Aronson Partners
D'Lauro & Rodgers was also able to manage and shepherd this difficult project while also being successful in bringing the project in significantly under budget.
Shannon Price Slusher, 160/90
The time and attention to detail is very much evident throughout our new space and is indicative of the cooperation and coordination requirements throughout the course of the project.
Shannon Price Slusher, 160/90