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At D’Lauro & Rodgers, we work collaboratively with property managers, building owners, and subcontractors alike to meet your project goals and ensure your satisfaction. You can count on D&R to provide you with a wide variety of services to meet your planning and construction needs.

Feasibility Assessment

– Participate in the project development process with developer and architect
– Coordinate independent, professional evaluations including structure, systems, and equipment
– Complete site surveys and seek preliminary subcontractor estimates to provide thorough and accurate budgeting proposals for conceptual design options
– Offer comprehensive budget evaluations of building systems and structural needs to suit initial design concepts

Pre-Construction Services

– Survey site to review existing conditions which may affect the selection of the ultimate location
– Collaborate with design teams to maximize the efficiency of the pre-construction phase thereby reducing the need for multiple design generations
– Complete preliminary budgeting, including detailed scope clarifications
– Analyze material costs and lead times prior to schedule impact
– Value engineer scope to maximize results and to maintain or improve budget

Design/Build Coordination

– Provide expertise in the coordination of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection trades to meet industry applicable codes and client requirements

Construction Management

– Perform feasibility assessments – Provide pre-construction services and design collaboration and design-build coordination, when applicable

Schedule preparation and tracking

– Coordinate all trades including owner’s contractor
– Contract all trades
– Manage project meetings
– Manage construction through close out
– Provide LEED Certified Project Management, if required

Contracting Services

– Prepare construction budget
– Award construction subcontracts
– Generate and manage construction schedule
– Coordinate construction trades

D’Lauro & Rodgers welcomes the opportunity to work with architects, building owners, property managers, or tenants to create the perfect working environment. Working with numerous partners allows us to successfully deliver creative solutions and quality construction projects for our clients.

Happy Clients
When there's a problem on the table, they come with a solution, not just the problem.
Lou Lombardi, GM 1818 Market
D'Lauro & Rodgers' work, including but not limited to, demolition, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, lighting and wallcovering, was far superior to any other contractor I, personally, have dealt with over the past 20 years.
Shawnee Carchidi, Golomb & Honik
Your work on our behalf was superb. We were especially taken by the professionalism and creativity of your staff. At every turn—most anticipated, but some not—the performance of D’Lauro & Rodgers exceeded our expectations.
Theodore R. Aronson, Aronson Partners
D'Lauro & Rodgers was also able to manage and shepherd this difficult project while also being successful in bringing the project in significantly under budget.
Shannon Price Slusher, 160/90
The time and attention to detail is very much evident throughout our new space and is indicative of the cooperation and coordination requirements throughout the course of the project.
Shannon Price Slusher, 160/90